Thoda Prabhat- PALAS Teacher in Kublipada

My name is Thoda Prabhat; I am working as a PALAS teacher in VMS. I had only studied till 2nd standard as I had to leave my studies to support my family. However when I met Fr. Godfrey he instill the confidence in me to teach as I was one of the few individuals in the village who could read and write. I was given informal education and teacher’s trainings by Fr. Godfrey in VMS. Since 2013, I am teaching in the PALAS Centre in Kublipada. I have also learnt computers skills which help me to assist people of the villages for any official work. Today I am able to support my four children with the eldest one being in college is all due to grateful efforts of VMS who took efforts not only to educate but empower me

Bansilal Pawra- PALAS Supervisor

My name is Bansilal Pawra. In 1993, I was asked by a supervisor to teach in the PALAS centers as they were in need of teachers. I had only studied till 10th standard therefore I asked for teachers training which was provided. I started a PALAS centre in my own village called Buoki. For 11 years, I taught as a PALAS teacher. Upon seeing my growth as a teacher and the impact on children’s learning’s I was promoted to become a Supervisor in 2004.  My role as a supervisor is to track the performance of teacher and ensure smooth running of class. Every week I have to visit 10 villages. I have been with VMS for the last 24 years.  I guess I am one of the oldest employees of VMS. Apart from working as a PALAS supervisor, I am also involved in Lok Manch

Lalita Sitaram- PALAS teacher in Nandanagar

My name is Lalita Sakaram. I got married at a very young age. I was looking to work in order to support my two sons. I came across VMS in one of the Lok Manch meeting. Upon my inquiry to Supervisors, I got to know to about PALAS Centre. Since I had studied till 10 standard I was encourage receiving teachers trainings. From 2012, I am teaching in the Nandanagar village. I primarily teach Marathi, Math’s and English. It is very fulfilling to work in VMS as I am given training every month to improve my lessons. Fr.  Joseph who is the coordinator of PALAS encourages us to be outspoken and confident.